Introducing Feather: an Open Source component for building Couchbase Lite apps

Manuscripts would never have been created without the work of dozens and dozens of open source projects, ranging from WebKit to many many others.

One of the most significant of those Open Source components is Couchbase Lite, a database technology we use as the backend for the version controlled document database. Now that we are reaching the more public stage in the project, we wanted to contribute back what a framework we’ve built on top of CBL to speed up building Manuscripts. We’ll be writing in more detail about Feather in due course!

For now, please enjoy the attached slides from the Feather announcement talk Matias from the Manuscripts team has just delivered at the Couchbase Connect conference!

Couchbase Connect slide deck for Feather

Introducing Feather: an Open Source component for building Couchbase Lite apps

7 thoughts on “Introducing Feather: an Open Source component for building Couchbase Lite apps

  1. Sadegh says:

    Similar to Microsoft Word, Manuscripts can not handle vector-based images (such as those made with Adobe illustrator). One can export Adobe illustrator images as PDF (which preserves the vector quality), but Manuscripts converts them to pixelated images with substantial loss of resolution. In this aspect Adobe InDesign is superior.


    1. Manuscripts keeps PDF formatted images unchanged when exporting to formats that support that. We are looking into ways in which we would optionally not rasterise images exported to MS Word either (it’s not exactly correct that Word would not support this either).


      1. Thanks for the answer! There are often complaints about Webkit components (especially editors) having a significant battery usage. Any experiences with that in Manuscripts?


  2. Nothing really specifically pointing at the underlying component – we did sort out some cases of high CPU usage earlier in the beta period but those were just our own doing. Generally speaking when observing the energy consumption we seem to be doing OK, though that’s certainly more for our customers to say.


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