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Manuscripts 1.0 for Mac: a new take on scholarly writing.

November 05, 2015

I am thrilled to announce the general availability of Manuscripts 1.0 for Mac. Manuscripts is a writing tool with an entirely new take on scholarly writing. It puts the substance of your writing first, and its design is inspired by our previous life as researchers.

Manuscripts is an independent product created by some of the people who created the Papers reference manager, with which Manuscripts works beautifully. We have prepared the following short video to introduce you to Manuscripts:

You can read more about our approaches to scholarly in our budding Manuscripts knowledge base (a version of which is bundled with the app as a “Getting Started” guide).

I want us to begin the Manuscripts blog from something a lot simpler though: being thankful.

We feel incredibly fortunate having been able to complete a six-month beta program to tune Manuscripts to the stage it is on now. This beta program concluded a close to three year long development project for us. Polishing Manuscripts together with a super enthusiastic user community who have been kind and patient beyond our expectations has been thus far the best part in the project, so I want to thank absolutely everyone who has supported us during the Manuscripts 1.0 beta program!

The reception Manuscripts had since the beginning of the beta program really kept us going to this point, and from this point on: our users have given us a very clear idea of where to focus after the 1.0 version… so stay tuned.

Thank you. Matias Piipari, Co-creator of

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