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Presenting (🥁) 1.0

October 16, 2019


In late 2017 we announced that Manuscripts would become free and open source, and that we have secured long term funding to re-imagine word processing for researchers. So, what’s happened in the two years since? We built a development team, designed, built an entirely new incarnation of the app. We are now ready to unveil the first part of our efforts: an all-new collaborative incarnation of Manuscripts!

We have focused on three things

Good science. We want you to write your best stories with Manuscripts, and to us that means being able to collaborate whilst editing and feeding back amongst your peers. We want you to bring more of your science to your papers, including computationally reproducible figures, backed by code and data.

Example dynamic figure.

Reliability. the Manuscripts editor is completely re-engineered, no stone unturned. Your documents and their version history remains available to you, whether you are online together with your colleagues, or disconnected from the world in your writing cave. Read more about a retrospective of how we got here.

Openness. Word processing needs a revolution of the kind that LaTeX delivered to typesetting in the 1970s. We have made Manuscripts open to be extended and built upon as a community effort. Starting from the file format, and reaching everything from the editing applications for macOS, iOS, the browser and backend services, it is open.

Please come chat with us on Slack if you have questions or ideas regarding the app, the project, or the code.

Where’s my Mac app?

What we are releasing today is the part I: collaboration suite that allows online and offline functionality in the browser, and offers desktop installable apps for macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android when used with Chrome.

Manuscripts for Mac 2.0 is on its way

The browser is of course not a substitute on Apple platforms for a native desktop app, and that’s why we are working to rebuild Manuscripts 2.0 for Mac on the new collaborative foundations. We are getting close to being able to release the first beta version of this app. Your feedback regarding the now available web and Chrome installable version will really help us tune the Mac app before release, so please give it a go, and help us spread the word!

Please come chat with us on Slack if you have questions or ideas.

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